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Over the years I have had the distinct pleasure in photographing some exceptionally attractive male and female models. Some have gone on to pursue successful modeling careers. Others just came to our photo studio, curious about the modeling world and wanted to get professional photos taken, and just dip their fit in the modeling world to see if they liked it. And still more just came to us to have sexy photographs taken for their own personal use. We photograph men and woman of all ages. Everyone says the same things “ wished I had done this sooner. So don’t wait call us today to set up your modeling session. We promise you will never regret it.

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Small sample of the hundreds of letters of appreciation from our modeling clients.

Had the pleasure of working with Danny Steyn who has been shooting glamour since 1973. Girl, becoming a glamour model seems hard until you work with a true glamor artist. Alessandra Sironi
I've had the recent opportunity to have worked with Danny, who is a dear friend and an exceptional photographer who shot my Playmate pictorial for Playboy South Africa as well. Danny you are amazing and I had the best time shooting my pictorial with you! I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do the shoot! Thank you so much for always making me look at my best in absolutely all the gorgeous photos we create together. It's always an honor to work with you and to know you. Me and Jaco absolutely adore you* Thank you for being a HUGE part of my success! Like I have said before, we make a mean team! You deserve all the success in the world Danny!! Nikki Du Plesssis, Playboy Playmate
Initially I told Danny that I was not at all ready to shoot with such an incredibly renowned photographer, and kept delaying our shoot - hoping to establish myself first. However, not only did Danny not accept that as an excuse, but from the get-go, he brought out a confidence in me that I never thought was possible! I was completely blown away by Danny's professionalism and his ability to make a model feel fabulous in her own skin. My shoot with this incredible photographer on his recent visit to South Africa, granted me the opportunity to be noticed by PLAYBOY, and to be published as their Playmate December 2014! I hope our paths cross again Danny, it was such an honor to work with you. Michelle Chrystal, Playboy Playmate
Danny Steyn is incredibly savvy. Behind the camera he is precise, energetic, watches and listens to the person being photographed. You get more than just a photographer with Danny. You get someone with a lifetime of photography experience, branding and marketing. I know a lot of work goes into his profession although, he makes it look and feel effortless. Danny helped me revamp my brand. I'd recommend him for anyone as Danny a fantastic individual to work with. Plus, he's a ton of fun! Can't wait to share our photos, soon! Shea Holbrook
I love working with Danny. He is very professional and all his shoots are always so well organized. I have worked several calendar shoots, I also shot on the beach as well with him. All the pictures are very high quality, very impressive work. Another thing I love about him is he works fast and gets so many great shots. I highly recommend him. Anais Zanotti
Love his work!!! Soooo professional and more important great person! We always have fun and we make beautiful pictures together!! Love it! Elisa Johanna Berdugo Escorcia
Danny is a boat load of fun to shoot with! He made me feel so relaxed and as if I actually knew what I was doing :) I felt like a million bucks when I walked away from our shoot! I would recommend him to anyone :) Alessya Brookes, Playboy Playmate
Okay, so can i just say that he is a Legend?! I absolutely Loved working with Danny Steyn and I cannot wait to work with him again in the future. He made me feel so comfortable and free and I'd definitely recommend him to Any and All models.. Leila Scott, Playboy Playmate
Always a great time with Danny and Kim Steyn. They are so professional and fun to work with. Such a pleasure shooting with Danny. Melissa Lori
I had an amazing experience shooting with Danny he is a true professional and I loved the images . Our work together was also published nationally in a print issue and in an online issue which makes it an even better experience ! Highly recommend working with him and hope to shoot with him again in the near future ! Tancy Marie
Danny is an incredible photographer! His talent, experience, personality, professionalism and overall awesomeness makes him the best of the best. If you have not shot with Danny yet book him today. Valya Romanova
I just finished up and amazing shoot with Danny Steyn and his assistants. Such a talented group. They made me feel comfortable and we had fun the entire time! lisa federle
I flew down to Fort Lauderdale from Virginia to shoot with Danny and what a treat! He is a professional at his work and making sure I felt comfortable throughout the day. Danny is full of guidance and direction about the modeling world for novice models. Overall, he was a blast to shoot with and I can't wait to see him again. Ashley Fisher
Exceptional photographer! Made me feel comfortable in my own skin and produced the best artwork I have seen. Very professional and I am very happy with the outcome. Leanna O’Connor
I want to thank Danny Steyn Photography for an incredible shoot! The whole crew was such a pleasure to work with. Professional, courteous, kind, lots of energy and laughs. I cannot wait to share my images with the world! We ran the gamut from sandy skin and beach to corporate profile pics. Awesome job and many thanks!!! Krista Grotte
What an excellent experience working with Danny A true Professional Photographer that only builds your confidence. What a fun photoshoot. Thank you Danny Natanya Natz Malherbe
Danny is a superb photographer, with an eye for the beauty of others. The way he conducts himself is highly professional but still easy to share a real conversation with. His work is top class and worth every second spent in front of the camera . - Amare l'uomo con talenti incredibili . Cadena van Zyl
Danny you are an amazing photographer:) Help the models feel comfortable, have fun and get great images! Thank you for a wonderful shoot. Samantha Young
Danny Steyn, you are such a fascinating man. You have a lot of talents and making people look at their best is right on top there! I had an amazing experience shooting with you. You have an amazing ability to bring the best out in people and make them feel so comfortable. I had a lot of fun and met awesome people. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime! This is a must-do for everyone. Hesna Myburgh
What an absolutely amazing experience to have shot with Danny. He just knows how to put you at ease. He is not just a photographer but rather one of the best ARTISTS in his field. Bianca Farrar Smith
Had too much fun shooting with this insanely talented man!! Was so comfortable shooting and he made me feel so proud of myself and my body!! Keep rocking it Mr. Awesome! Chanri Martinez.
Thank you for making me feel very comfortable at all times, you are amazing at what you do and it was a privilege to work with you. I will never forget this experience, I really didn't want to go back home. Thank you Danny Steyn. Christenn Pauls
Danny Steyn was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was very friendly and warm as well as completely professional and efficient. He knows how to make a girl feel comfortable and sexy and always gives amazing direction and feedback while shooting. He was very quick to edit and return absolutely gorgeous images. I cannot wait to work with him again and I highly recommend him! If only he came to South Africa more often! Thanks for the awesome shoot Danny! So happy with my gorgeous images! Elena Pappas
Had the time of my life shooting with Danny! I love his ideas and I loved how he embraced what i had to offer. He made me feel especially comfortable. My photos are so natural, fun and super hot! What an experience... Carlien Els
Had a blast with Danny Steyn in SA for playboy shoot.professional.Thanx for all the advice and guidance.xoxo Wanita Vermaak
Danny is an absolutely amazing photographer to work with. Not only from a professional perspective but also the personality that accompanies his fantastic ability to capture beautiful images. It is the most comfortable I have felt in front of the camera thanks to Danny's encouraging words. He definitely has a way of bringing out the best in you once you step in front of the camera, not only this but his guidance and direction with regards to placement, posing and spacial orientation is fantastic. It was an absolute pleasure working with you Danny, something I would do again in a heartbeat. You are an inspirational person and an absolute blast to work with. XXX Lovita DesRosiers
Absolutely an amazing experience to come see first hand what it is like at a professional shoot thank you for inviting me Danny and making me feel so welcome and at ease! Definitely a memorable experience u are an amazing photographer. Katie van Zyl
Wow. I shot with Danny 2 days in a row, and I can safely say it was one of the best experiences in my life. I met loads of new people and I really flourished in front of the camera. Danny made me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera and my inner vixen definitely shone through. Not just an incredible photographer, but a very inspiring person who makes me want to be a better version of myself and work hard to achieve everything I want in my life! The days were long and my body ached and pained in places I never knew I had but it was all so worth it because this is something that can change my life forever. What a pleasure and honor working with you Danny. I hope to work with you many more times in the future and thank you for being the wonderful man you are! Natasha Michelle Barnard
Wow wow WOW... What an experience! Besides from the fact that this was a new experience, it came with so much more... #empowering #self-confidence boost #beyourself #youareenough #newfriends #greatlaughs... I had such an amazing time, it was long days and hard work, but Danny made it seem shorter... He is so experienced and talented in what he does, really an honor working with him. Made a lot of new friends and met up with some old ones. Danny is real professional in what he does and a great person, he knows his equipment and lighting so well and doesn't waste any time, on point and he just goes goes goes... We had to remind him at one point just to drink something :) Great photographer!!!! Anja Jacobs
Danny was amazing to work with! he is professional, personable, and very on point with his work. He is also great at helping a girl feel beautiful and helping her figure out how to best pose in front of the camera to get great shots. I had a really great time working with him! Shelby Churchill
I had the pleasure of shooting with Danny Steyn in Miami 2 weeks ago. I was so lucky to have worked with him because he was completely booked all day and I just happened to be at the right place right time. He taught me that I didn't have to try and be this model that I was trying to be. He taught me to just be myself and that was enough to win anybody over. I learned to not worry and just be me. Danny was so much fun to be around! He's very professional and I felt so comfortable working with him. He really captures the beauty in every photo he's produced. He has quite the eye and will be totally honest with you in things he likes and doesn't like. I don't have a whole lot of experience compared to others he has shot with, however I felt just as experienced as these girls after our shoot together. I feel 200% more confident than I've ever felt before. Thank you so much Danny Steyn! I can't wait to shoot with you again and I hope that's very soon Xoxo. Michelle Biagi
Danny is incredible. I recently was traveling from Chicago to Florida when I reached out to Danny to see if he had any work for me. We ended up setting up a shoot. Danny's professionalism and character speak volumes about his work. At no time did I feel uncomfortable with the shoot. He made sure I was in good spirits and guided me through a great shoot. Such an amazing experience and I can't wait to have the opportunity to shoot with Danny again. THANK YOU for such an incredible experience. Josie Cee
OMG! Danny Steyn is a BAD ASS! Working with him is one of the best experiences I've had in my modeling career thus far. Very rarely do you have the opportunity to work with a team that has the level of professionalism that really brings out YOUR best and working with Danny's team does that. It was an incredible shoot that totally left me renewed and inspired. Thank you Danny & Kim I really look forward to working with you guys again! Coco Marie Jackson
Had an AMAZING time working with Danny, Kim and the team! Very professional and very fun! It was a great experience and I highly recommend working with them. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope to work with them again soon! Lissy Henneman
I just wanted to say I had an amazing time at the Oceanette calendar shoot and how much I enjoyed shooting with Danny Steyn and his crew. They make you feel comfortable and it was a fun and inviting environment. Thank you again for the opportunity and I hope we can work together soon. Jisel Lynn
I've shot with Danny three times now and each time has been a pleasure. He's organized, knowledgable, and always gets the photo he's looking for. He and his lovely wife Kim are wonderful to work with; I highly recommend them! Mika Lovely
Danny & Kim Steyn are by far 2 of the best people to work with in the industry. Danny is very professional, respectful & an outstanding photographer who produces amazing images. His wife Kim is spunky & full of positive energy & always does her best to ensure the models are comfortable. It was a please working with these 2 again & hope to work with them again in the future. Wendy Leoni
Danny is an incredible photographer. I met him years ago and did a lighting class in his studio. I reunited with him and his awesome wife, kim again recently for the ocean machinery 2016-17 calendar and had an incredible time! It was by far one of the most organized and professional shoots I've been to. Danny makes you feel comfortable and tells you what he likes so you get honest feedback. If you haven't shot with him yet you should! Dana Lemor Crispin
It was great working with Dan and Kim. So professional and fun. Keep up the great work guys and God bless you guys. Andressa Lopez
It was amazing experience to shoot with Danny Steyn and his team! Totally loved the concept, the crew and the models! Kim was very friendly and nice to us. I felt myself very comfortable and definitely would LOVE to work with them again! Can't wait to see the result of our collaboration! Thank you for making me the part of your big family! Irinya
One of the best experiences I've ever had! Danny knows how to make you feel your absolute best! Hanna Zellers
It has been such a pleasure and honor working with Danny during his recent visit to South Africa. He definitely has me very focused excited for future! Thank you, Danny. Love Rualize van Rensburg Playboy Playmate
I was sooo excited to shoot with Danny, he is professional and just a joy to be around. I thought i knew how to work the camera, but it turned out Danny worked it better than I did...hehehe. Danny you were awesome and made me feel super comfortable and i dont mind another shoot at all. Simone Abigail Kriel
Danny Steyn is by far the most talented and fantastic photographers and person I have ever met. My shoot with him was the most fantastic experience of my life, he is so professional, brilliant at what he does and most importantly a wonderful kind person. He was so understanding and really made me feel comfortable. I felt so glamorous and beautiful. And he really brought the best out in me. I felt so honored and privileged to have got the opportunity to work with a world renowned photographer. He has truly mastered his craft and is one of the best photographers out there.. He truly knows how to bring out the beauty in people. I absolutely adore him!!!! Thank you so much Danny. Ashley Poulton
Words cannot express how much I enjoyed shooting with Danny and how thankful I am for the opportunity to do so! He is beyond professional and extremely warm and just makes you feel so incredibly comfortable. Not only did I get to look and feel glamorous but I gained a new friend for life out of this experience! Hilary Anderson Frank
Danny is a great guy to work with! He has an eye for photography, and it is obvious that he knows what he is doing. I only hope that I can afford to come to Florida to shoot with him again! Amanda Hahn
I had an amazing time with my photo shoot with Danny. He is such an incredibly talented photographer, he makes every photo look perfect and gorgeous. Danny is a wonderful person and is really professional. I had very little experience, he helped me so much before and during the shoot. He is an absolute pleasure to have as a photographer. Stephanie Anderson
Danny came fully prepared and had everything and everyone in place as well as makeup artists. In the beginning I was super nervous, Danny knew how to get the best poses, he is extremely professional, patient and made it lots of fun. It didn’t even feel like we were working. This was a great experience for me from the start to finish. Danny is a very talented photographer and is very passionate about what he does. The entire time that we were working together I felt comfortable and had the confidence to pose and be myself as natural as I could be. Thank you once again for your time and energy you are awesome. Charmaine Cunningham
Had an absolute blast working with Danny Steyn. I was super nervous for the shoot but Danny immediately made me feel comfortable! He is so talented and produces absolutely amazing photos! He has a gift for making you fee beautiful. Jody Fisher Leverone.
I could not be more thrilled with my photos by Danny Steyn. I spent the morning outdoors and then finished up in the studio for a wide range of portraits: Head shots for professional use, and glamour photos for fun. The staff at Danny, Brian and Kim, are highly professional and made the day a tremendous amount of fun. I felt very comfortable and at ease with all of them throughout the day. Danny does a great job of putting you at ease and having a lot of fun during the shoot. They also provided an excellent make-up artist who did a fantastic job altering make up for the various conditions and outfits. I highly recommend their services and suggest a photo shoot as a fantastic gift for your significant other. Amy Mills
I had such a fun time shooting with Danny and his team! They are all very talented and down to Earth. Lissa De Leronzo
Absolutely the most beautiful pictures ever created by Danny! He takes the time to notice every detail, to capture movement, enhances light, and most of all knows how to make you feel special! I have had many photo shoots with Danny and was never disappointed. It is an honor to work with him. Emilee Brand Secondino
Had the privilege to shoot with the amazing Danny Steyn! He is professional in everything he does and made me comfortable because I haven't done a shoot like that in a long time. So complimentary and has an amazing personality as well. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Zanalee Smith
As a professional Motorsport photographer this was my first time in front of the camera. I'm always behind it taking pictures of race cars, drivers, and people. Working with my friend, Danny Steyn, was an amazing experience and a great time with an extremely talented photographer. I'm lucky to have Danny as a friend, but even more so as my photographer. Thanks again for the awesome images! See ya at the track! For the love of photography and racing! Melissa Smith
What an awesome and blessed time shooting with Danny!! Amazing energy, so professional, and a brilliant eye for details. So talented. Shannon Smith
One absolutely Professional Photographer who I was fortunate enough in having the honour to work with, not only took an amazing experience but also learn't alot in the process. Thank you Danny for knowing exactly what you want and most importantly for a great shoot experience. Ashley Brielle
Had so much fun yesterday on the Oceanette calendar shoot! Danny is so much fun to work with. Everything was very organized and ran very smoothly. I enjoyed all of it! Katie Housden
I had AMAZING experience shooting with Danny. Love love love my images!!!! Looking forward to work with you guys again!! Elyss Angela
Shooting with Danny was amazing. He made everything so easy, fun, and natural!! It was such an incredible experience! Ashley Addeo
When I was contacted by Danny Steyn to shoot, I instantly became excited and started to pack my entire wardrobe! He lived up to his reputation and made me feel comfortable. Danny is a true visionary and master in his field. Thank you for making it such an amazing shoot and accepting my quirkiness so openly. Can’t wait for our next shoot. Natalie Sloane
Wonderful! Does amazing work and extremely professional. A pleasure to work with. Sara Brostowicz
Absolutely loved working with Danny! He's very professional and I felt a great connection as soon as I walked on the studio. I just started out with my modeling career and couldn't have asked for a better photographer! Thanks Danny for making this shoot amazing! I loved all our ideas and how well we worked together. I can't wait for another shoot tomorrow! Hannah Mason
I recently finished a sunrise shoot with Danny on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was such a pleasure to work with, super friendly and professional. The weather wasn't the best, but that didn't stop him from using his creativity to get so many great shots with amazing colors and lighting. He is also great with helping you get into flattering poses that make the images both classy and sexy. Danny is also happy to help you before and after your shoot. He has great tips on preparing for the shoot, and on helping build your portfolio. I recommend him highly! Starcy Blades
I just did the Oceanette Calendar with Danny and It was simply AMAZING. He was fun, professional, gave great directions, and was a perfectionist. If I had to shoot with him again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Danny to any model wanting great pictures for her portfolio and to have fun at the same time. Jaroslava Papova
Had the honor to shoot with Danny for the Oceanette calendar! What a great experience it was and everyone was fun and professional! Will def be working with him again! Kerry Lynn
I just had the pleasure of shooting with The Amazing Danny Steyn and his crew for the 2014 Oceanette Calendar!! This was one of the most organized shoots ever! It was fun and creative. I am excited to see the final product. Hope to work with you guys soon. Korie Lunsford
Absolutely loved working with Danny and Kim! He is one of those photographers that lets you know what he likes and encourages it. Invaluable! Can't wait to work with him in the future. Katie Greene
It was a privilege of working with Danny. It’s always a different shooting with a new photographer, to me it’s important to work with a photographer that allows you to be you and who bring out the best in you. Danny did just that, he made me feel at ease from the get go. He found the look that suited me, and communicated throughout the whole shoot, in order to make me feel comfortable. The shoot was exciting and fun. I left there feeling great and excited to have worked with such an amazing photographer! I hope to work with Danny again in the near future! Carissa
I had soooooooo much fun working with Danny. Girls, if you are like me and trying to escape the winter blues, come to Ft Lauderdale to shoot with one of my favorite photographers Danny Steyn!!!!! I had such a great time shooting with Danny, he made me feel extremely comfortable and I absolutely love my photos. I cannot wait to work with him again. Now I am back to work in my cold, home state of Pennsylvania and feel refreshed and ready to face my daily challenges. : -) Thank You Danny for your hospitality and professionalism!!!! I had an amazing time. Natalya
I had the wonderful privilege to work with Danny this past Saturday. I had the BEST time and felt so comfortable throughout the whole shoot. Danny is most certainly one of the BEST photographers that I have worked with. He's so professional and his communication with me was excellent! His work is exceptional and his images are definitely the highlight of my portfolio! Thank you so much for the great shoot and it was a pleasure to work with you Danny. :-) Nikki
Thanks Danny, your images are nothing short of amazing! I actually moved back to Boston, and I am going to pursue my modeling from Boston. And I know your pictures are going to be what gets me there! You really are unbelievable! It was so wonderful meeting you and Kim, and I really hope to see you again in the future! I owe all of this to you! I couldn't have asked for a better first shoot! Thank you again Danny! Samantha
My photo shoot with Danny was absolutely amazing. He is professional and made me feel so comfortable the entire time. The whole shoot was catered to making me and my body look the best possible. I am thrilled with how the images turned out. I couldn't have asked for a better experience than working with Danny! Danielle
What a wonderful and memorable experience it was shooting with Danny. Not only is he a phenomenal photographer but has the personality and drive to go with it. He made me feel so comfortable and he just allowed me to be in my own “comfort zone”. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. Danny doesn't only capture a photo, but he captures the core of each individual perfectly. Danny I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I will forever speak highly of you and would recommend you to everyone, everywhere and anytime! Amanda
Danny, I want to thank you for an amazing shoot last Sunday! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I think we got some Epic pics! I really liked how you communicated through the whole shoot, showing me the images and made me feel like I could do anything. You have a professional approach, yet you make it fun and exciting. I could have shot the whole day with you:) So not only did I get to work with an awesome photographer, but I made a great friend, Thank you! You are truly a great photographer, your work is amazing and I'm honored to have had the opportunity of working with you. Sarah
I had such an exciting day at the photo shoot! I was thrilled about the way the images turned out. They look so pretty and thanks to you I can now make my comp card and start doing some modeling jobs! You are such an amazing photographer and so easy to work with. Anyways, the pictures are GORGEOUS and you did an amazing job over all. I couldn't have asked for anything better ! Thanks Again, Laura
Thank you Danny. I had a wonderful time at the photo shoot. This was a gift for my hubby and he fell out of his chair when I gave him the pictures. He absolutely loved them. Your crew made me feel so relaxed and most of all beautiful. For someone who has no experience with modeling or makeup you guys helped me pose and made me look more glamorous than I ever have. When I look at my pictures I can hardly believe it is me!! I highly recommend you to anybody who wants some amazing photos. Peace, Alyssa
I wanted to get into the modeling industry and knew I needed professional photos. I did my homework and researched photographers, and I'm so glad I came across Danny Steyn Photography. Not only are they very talented photographers with great ideas, but very laid back yet totally sincere. You made me feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera. The photos came out excellent and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again! Jenn
I'd like to thank Danny Steyn Photography for my amazing experience. This is was my first photo shoot and from the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. The photos turned out great and I couldn't be happier! Thanks to Danny and Kim who made all of this possible! I'll be recommending your studio to all my friends! Alexis
Thank you again for the beautiful photos from my boudoir session. I wanted to do something special for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day, and I knew that boudoir photos would be a total surprise. I will never forget the look on my boyfriend's face when I presented him with the photo book for Valentine's Day. Words cannot express the amazement as he turned each page of the book. He was thrilled beyond belief, and even called you a few days later to thank you personally! I was a little apprehensive when I first showed up at the studio, but you made me feel so comfortable during the shoot. The hours went by so quickly, and I was having so much fun. I felt like a model for a day! Still, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing photos that you were able to capture. As a mother of a young child, it's easy to forget that you can still be sexy. Thanks to you I am reminded when I look at the photos that I definitely can feel sexy! I will definitely be back again in the future! Tammi
The experience of working with Danny is something that will last a lifetime. I am truly in his debt. His gift of photography is amazing and he immediately put me at ease, and allowed me to be me. He took his time, had great ideas and was willing to be patient with a newcomer like me. I could not have had a better 1st shoot (even naked on a beach for the first time!) I never felt misunderstood, nor out of control, and if I began to get off track he would gently steer me back. My mother and I will forever love him and wish that every model could get the chance to work with him! He has changed my life. Brittni
It has been awhile, but I would like to pass on some information to you regarding Ryan since I feel the experience working with you and the great feedback from you back in November 2008, has dramatically changed his life and his future. He has been to a number of photographers in NYC recently and will be back shortly to see a few others and then he will be hitting the modeling agencies in NYC as well as in a few other cities, probably LA and Miami. He has already impressed the NYC photographers that he has worked with and all have said they would arrange for interviews for him and one even presented some test proofs to a NYC agency last week and they immediately asked to have Ryan come in for an interview. I just want to thank you again for inspiring him back in November and really starting him off on this new direction in his life. Mark
It was my first time to do any shots of this sort. Brian made me feel very comfortable. You guys are very generous and outgoing, the shots turned out very beautiful and my make up was absolutely gorgeous. My husband adored the photos and he wants me to go back for more. I want to take this time to thank you for a great job and I can’t wait to see you again soon. Kristy
First I would like to say thank you so much, I love the pictures and the book. My husband was not only shocked but speechless, he knows I usually run from the camera He said I looked SO hot. Everyone I have shown so far thinks they are amazing. My friend who was going to come with me now can't wait to sign up for hers! Thank you again! I will be telling everyone they need to come see you and have awesome pics done! Paula
Danny, I had a feeling that within the first few moments of speaking with both you and Kim that this was going to be an incredible experience. As new to this as I was, both of you made me feel completely at ease in front of, as well as behind the camera. You were completely professional, courteous, and patient, and I am so pleased with the pictures. Thank you for having so much faith in me.... Remember that you will always be my first photographer! Rose
I just got the magazine you created from the photoshoot you did for my wife. She absolutely loves it. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on jewelry and other cool gifts but she thinks this is the best gift ever. Probably because she knows how "outside of the box" doing this was for me. Thanks again for all your help and making the experience very relaxed and easy. Pat
Danny, I just want to tell you how great of an experience this was for me. You were so great to work with! I can't tell you how excited I am about how the photos turned out. They are absolutely amazing! I really hope that I can do something with this. You've really helped me see another side of me. I thank you for all your help and professionalism. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer! I thank you so much! It was so much fun and hope to do it again soon! Rhonda
I had a photo shoot with your studio this past weekend and I just wanted to tell you what an awesome job you did. Your company is very professional, and I felt very comfortable. I would definitely like to go back one day for another shoot and will recommend you to all my friends. Laura